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Words - Issue #2

Words - Issue #2
By Oren Cohen • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the second issue of Words! So glad you’re here!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Stop Writing in Passive Voice
One of the most common mistakes new writers make is writing in the passive voice.
Here’s an example:
“*ring ring* it was the doorbell. The pizza has been delivered, and the family was fed and happy.”
Not only does it make your writing underwhelming to read, but it also obscures information that can enrich your descriptions. Delivery people bring our pizzas to our houses, and by showing that moment in a story, you have an opportunity to interact with another human in your story.
Here’s a different way to describe the same situation:
“*ring ring* someone rang at the door. It was the pizza delivery for sure. The delivery guy smiled and offered the pizzas he brought to Mary, who opened the door. The family devoured the pizza within minutes.”
Don't pass on short form content!
Here’s a short video I made on my YouTube channel (and TikTok) that explains why you shouldn’t rely solely on long-form content.
Do you have to write long-form content to be a writer?
Do you have to write long-form content to be a writer?
#WritingCommunity Highlights
Branwen OShea
I know this may some silly to big authors, but I’m very excited about it. My sci-fi book, The Calling, has been out a month and I just got my sales report. Somehow I sold 6 copies to actual bookstores? What is this magic?💫🌀💫
Thomas Grant Bruso
My MC likes pizza, beer, and has a healthy penchant for hopscotch. Who knew? I didn't learn this guilty pleasure until Big Ben Bradshaw was investigating a murder. Walking to the crime scene, he interrupted a group of school kids playing the game in a park. #WritingCommunity
Alden Bauers
Just finished the first draft of my novella Once Bitten! #WritingCommunity #amwriting
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