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Words - Issue #6

Words - Issue #6
By Oren Cohen • Issue #6 • View online
Welcome to Words issue #6! I’m glad you’re here!

Keep a Journal!
Today’s byte-size tip is all about keeping a journal! You need to keep those ideas somewhere! It’s one of the wildest feelings to be out and about when an idea strikes you and you realize you don’t have anything to write your idea down.
Yes, some people don’t even know about their phone’s notes app.
Don’t make the same mistake. Investigate your phone or an app you like to jot down ideas or carry a small notebook with you.
I actually do both and that notebook has some texts I wrote years ago on its first pages. It’s always nice to look through.
Let's Talk Publishing Platforms
Don’t Start a Blog on a Free Publishing Platform
Don’t Start a Blog on a Free Publishing Platform
#WritingCommunity Highlights
Adara Spence
My goal this week is editing scene 27. Although it's longer than 26 it should be easier since it's moving from planning to action. I'm looking forward to it 😁

#WritingCommunity #AmEditing #WritersLife
Jane Parker
The garage will only get cleaned tonight because I have editing to do.
#WritingCommunity #writerslife
J. R. Martin
#BlackWriters This month I'm going to read up on stories of Anansi. I have decided I want to write stories about a trickster god and he's going to be my go-to. Are there any recommendations? #writingcommunity #writerslife #writers #writer #writing
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